Facebook Marketing Service

iHERO – Facebook Marketing Service Johor Bahru, will provide you Facebook ads boosting, audience targeting, Facebook banner / post design and copywriting, Chatbot, etc.

Facebook Marketing Course Malaysia

Our Facebook marketing service Johor Bahru includes

  1. Facebook Post Design
    • Business posts are not the same as personal profile posting. Our service will give you tips on the best ways to design your posts that are effective. You can never miss on such an opportunity to be, not only creative but efficient with your posts.
  2. Facebook Copywriting
    • Learn content creation. Get the best Facebook copywriting tips from experts and boost your social presence, good ad copywriting can persuade your audience to click your advertisement.
  3. Facebook Advertising
    • There are tons of users on Facebook, but sending an ad out into the void doesn’t result in tons of conversions. The key to Facebook’s advertising is targeting. Facebook has the best ad targeting of any site.
  4. Facebook Analytics
    • This course will teach you the basic of Facebook Insights and show you how to use them for business. Facebook provides a lot of data and information, but very few people know how to use this to their advantage.
  5. Facebook Chatbot
    • ChatBot – The Next Big Marketing Channel. Learn to use chatbots to connect with your potential clients, delight your customers, and drive new sales for your business.

Course duration: 9 hours (2 days)

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