WhatsApp Marketing Service

A new alternative for advertising with immense potential to promote your business on a platform that has over 2.5 billion active users, we have the necessary tools prepared for you.

A superior option for WhatsApp marketing

If you had heard of the term WhatsApp blast and bulk WhatsApp sender in comparison to these softwares, our advertising platform is a far more advanced advertising tool than the software you’ll be seeing out there. It includes additional functions and services that you won’t see other software providing what we could offer here.

Send your ads to all your target audience at once, we’ll make sure it delivers.

You can now send advertisements to your target audience through our platform with just a few simple clicks. Our platform allows you to send bulk messages to your target audience, the number can be up to hundreds of thousands. You just have to compile a list of your target audience’s phone numbers and we’ll make sure it delivers within one day.


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Keep in touch with customers everywhere.

We use our own SIM cards

Sending your advertisements requires a valid SIM card to work, WhatsApp will block the number if it detects a high volume of messages being sent out in a short amount of time. We have got you covered so you don’t have to worry about getting new SIM cards every time when you need to send your advertisements. We use SIM cards from Malaysia to send your advertisements, people are more likely to look into your ads instead of some random numbers from other countries.

Customize your profile picture

Nobody will look into an advertisement from a sender that doesn’t even have a profile picture, you get the freedom of setting your desired profile picture that you think will cater to your target audience.

Supports various advertisement formats

You won’t be restricted to only sending text and image advertisements, our platform accepts various formats of advertisements, let your creativity go wild and create enticing advertisements that will draw the attention of your target audience.

Get a report on every campaign

A report will be generated by our system for each of your campaigns, it will take one business day after the WhatsApp campaign has been successfully completed. You can check how many of your target audience had successfully received your advertisement and how many didn’t.

Your credits won’t have an expiry date, we refund credits on non-WhatsApp numbers.

The credits you bought will stay in your balance until you use them. Your credits won’t be consumed when your ads were sent to non-WhatsApp numbers, we will refund your credits for every non-WhatsApp number that you had sent.